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-Native Plant guides+== '''Plant Guides for Garden Needs''' ==
 +* [[Color]] Guide: Find plants by flower color
 +* [[Type of Plant]]: Find plants grouped by type, such as trees, shrubs, and perennials
 +* [[Water Needs]]: Find plants based on their water requirements, from drought-tolerant to water-loving
 +* California Native Plants To Attract wildlife
 +** [[Birds]]
 +** [[Hummingbirds]]
 +** [[Butterflies]]
 +** [[Pollinators (for vegetable gardens)]]
 +* Plants for [[Containers]]
 +* [[Aromatic Plants]]: Plants with fragrant leaves and flowers
 +* Plants for Special Geographic Areas
 +** [[High Desert Plants]]
 +* Special Garden Conditions
 +** [[Dry Shade and Under Oaks]]
 +** [[Slopes]]
 +** [[Grasses]]

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Plant Guides for Garden Needs

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