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Plant Family: Plant family is an important piece of information in understanding a plant. Many plant guides and floras, such as The Jepson Manual, are organized by plant family.
Plant Type: Options include annual, perennial, shrub, and tree
Height by Width: This is a general expectation for the height and width of a plant. Performance in any given spot can vary depending on many variables.
Growth Habit:
Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous plants will lose their leaves or even disappear altogether during certain times of the year. Others may lose their leaves if they encounter difficult drought conditions, but sprout new leaves when water is provided. Some plants are evergreen, holding their leaves throughout the year.
Growth Rate: Plants can grow very slowly or very quickly. Some can grow very quickly in their youth, then slow down...or vice versa.
Sun Exposure:
Soil Preference:
Water Requirements:
Cold Hardy to:
Flower Season: This is the season when you can generally expect your plant to flower.
Flower Color:
Endangered?: This indicates the California Native Plant rarity designation for this species.
Natural Habitat:

Image:hummingbird_iconA.jpg Indicates a plant that will attract hummingbirds.
Image:songbird_iconA.jpg Indicates a plant that will attract songbirds.
Image:oak_iconA.jpg Indicates a plant that can be successful planted under oaks.
Image:butterfly_iconA.jpg Indicates a plant that will attract butterflies.
Image:clay_iconA.jpg Indicates a plant that can be successful in clay soils.
Image:fragrant_iconA.jpg Indicates a plant with fragrant flowers or foliage.
Image:slope_iconA.jpg Indicates a plant that can be helpful with slope retention.
Image:container_iconA.jpg Indicates a plant that is beautiful in a container.

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